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United States Army

U.S. Army, the main division of U.S. Armed Forces, is responsible for various land-based military operations and services. It is the oldest and largest established branch of U.S. military and among the 7 United States uniformed services. The roots of the modern U.S. army are in Continental Army, formed on 14th June 1775, before the foundation of the present day United States. The Revolutionary War in America called for the formation of the Continental Army.

The Congress of Confederation formally created the U.S. Army on June 3, 1784 after the Revolutionary War ended. The main object behind the creation of the Army was replacing the Continental Army as it was fairly disbanded after the war. The present army considers the Continental Army to be its origin.

United States Army Image The U.S. Army has the chief mission of fighting and winning the wars of their nation by providing immediate sustained land dominance over the entire range of army operations and the scope of conflict in favor of combatant commanders. This military service within Department of Army is 1 of the 3 military departments of Department of Defense. U.S. Army is governed by Secretary of Army. The Chief of Staff of Army is the highest ranking military officer in this department. Currently, the top army officer is the Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff. In the 2010 financial year, the Regular Army accounted 561,979 soldiers while the ARNG or Army National Guard reported 362,015 soldiers and the USAR or U.S. Army Reserve reported 205,281 soldiers. This means the joint component strength of U.S. Army is of 1,129,275 soldiers.


Continental Congress formed the Continental Army on 14th June 1775 as a united army force for fighting against Great Britain. George Washington was appointed as the commander of the Continental Army. Initially, the army was led by soldiers who had previously served in either British Army or the colonial militias. They brought substantial British military heritage to the Continental Army.

U.S. Army Structure

There are 3 components of this Army - Regular Army (the active component) and the 2 reserve components Army Reserve as well as Army National Guard. The 2 reserve components are mainly made up of part time soldiers who receive training once every month. These training sessions are called UTAs (unit training assemblies) or battle assemblies and arrange 2 to 3 weeks of training per year. Both Regular Army and Army Reserve are coordinated under the U.S. Code Title 10 while the U.S. National Guard is coordinated under Title 32. Army National Guard of United States is trained equipped and organized as an element of United States Army. It is controlled by individual state governors when not in federal duty. However, the National Guard of the DC reports directly to the President of U.S. instead of the mayor of the district, even when not on federal duty. It is possible to federalize the National Guard by presidential order even against the wishes of the governor.

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